Friday, October 29, 2004

Hiatus Until November 4  

I've taken on a new client and will be away from my computer through Thursday, November 4. No new entries until then and I won't be able to answer your e-mail messages, either.

In the meantime, let me point you at some classic content you might enjoy:

This year-old entry on Theo Epstein and Boston Red Sox front office.

This shortie (well, for me anyway) on last off-season's Yankee planning.

This one on the pre-2004 season Texas Rangers, a surprise team (w/gratuitous Green Monster reference).

If you'd like pointers to a couple of always-engaging blogs, there's:

Doug Pappas' site. His death earlier this year meant the end of an inexhaustible, original and wise mind, but his works survive thanks to SABR. I love going back and re-reading Pappas' work.

Tom Peters' very active site. Not just a lone management consultant, Peters has a collection of clever people who work with him and post to the blog, too. Not every idea is an earth-shaker, but reading regularly will shake up your thinking (if you let it) and that will lead to better understanding, as well as insights of your own.

Finally, if you read this before Tuesday, I strongly urge you to get out and vote. It's the very smallest contribution a citizen can make back to her country. Vote for somebody. And if you hate every single candidate and issue on the ballot, you haven't invested enough attention, but you can always write in "None of the Above". There is no excuse not to vote, to stand up for your nation's ideal.

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