Friday, June 24, 2005

Radio: Minneapolis, Fri. 24th
and Toronto, Sat. 25th (RE-updated)  

In case it's of interest to you, I'm going to be doing some radio this week talking about Management by Baseball. I think these are all live shows.

Tues., June 21 12:30 midday Eastern 570 AM - Kitchener, ON Gary Doyle
Tues., June 21 ~7:10 p.m. Eastern KDKA - Pittsburgh Mike Romigh
Weds., June 22 TAPED KESP - Modesto Morning Mouth
Fri, June 24 11:10 p.m. Central WCCO - Minneapolis Dark Star
Sat, June 25 1:45 p.m. Eastern FAN 590 - Toronto Bill Hayes
Mon., June 27
9:20 a.m. Pacific KCBS - San Francisco Stan Bunger
Thurs., July 14 2:20 p.m. Central WKCT - Bowling Green Roy Brassfield

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