Saturday, January 28, 2006

Earning your MBB:
Keynote Addresses, Presentations, Speaking & Workshops  

With the Harper Collins book Management by Baseball: The Official Rules for Winning Management in Any Field coming out in May, I've changed the business end of how y'all book me for presentations and workshops. I signed with Harper Collins' own Speakers Bureau. It helps organizations I work with because the Speakers Bureau can handle some of the logistics for them more cleanly than we could before. It also simplifies my life because it aligns my speaking scheduling with our efforts on the new book. Finally, a special bonus: the team (Julie & Gary) is very cool, and enchilada maximo Gary Reznick pitches the old horsehide in a semi-pro league -- so when I field the MBB team, I already have a starter recruited.

There's a Management by Baseball page at the Speakers Bureau site. In case you're interested, here are a some of the topics I can cover with you.

  • Out of the Batter's Box: Starting a new management mission. Baseball stories & secrets that deliver a great start.
  • Managing Your Sales & Marketing Team by Baseball: Baseball's secrets for getting the most out of the talent.
  • Baseball's Lessons for managing time, humans, & knowledge, from Branch Rickey to Earl Weaver.
  • The talent is the product: The national pastime's wisdom for staffing, mentoring, improving and, when you have to, cutting, employees.
  • There's no "I" in "Team", but there are an "M" & an "E". Baseball's lessons in self-awareness and the importance of overcoming emotions in managing.
  • Coping with and initiating change: Lessons from the Man Who Invented Babe Ruth.
  • Whatever Doesn't Make You Stronger Kills You and other essential baseball lessons for organizations in competitive lines of work.
  • Lessons from [pick a team]. You pick a Major League team, and I'll put together a set of management lessons that come from the history and accomplishments of that team.

To arrange for some Management by Baseball at your event or for a targeted workshop, contact the Harper Collins team at 212-207-7100, or visit their contact page.

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