Monday, May 08, 2006

Tom Peters.Com's Cool Friend -- An Honor  

I'm honored to be Tom Peters.Com's current Cool Friend. We had what I've been told by two people was the best conversation/interview I've had yet (available here); the back-patting went to the interviewer, not me.

If you don't already visit TomPeters.Com regularly, you may be missing out not only on his current thinking, but a vibrant cadre of editor/posters (Tom, Cathy, Steve, Erik and others) and a community of people who share their thoughts and feelings on the postings. There's a truckload of Tom Peters slide decks and other foundations for his current thinking which is dynamic, rapidly evolving and has elements that sparks creative ideas.

You can find the Cool Friend interview through tomorrow on the front page in the left-hand sidebar (or through this page) or join in the discussion on this topic's comment page.

See you over there. Soon, I hope

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