Saturday, November 24, 2007

Management By Baseball By Podcast: Experiment  

A few, though not an overwhelming number of, readers have asked to have a podcast version of the entries I write and publish here. I think the motivation is either:
  • The long nature of my essays make them easier to listen to than to read on-line, or
  • Wanting to take advantage of commute time, or
  • People just love to hear my Jim Dandy Mangrum-evoking voice.
Anyway, I'm trying an experiment. I've turned my latest entry into a podcast, and made it available at PodBean, a podcast portal with cool tools that remind me a lot of what Blogger has done with Blogspot. And I will be, for a while anyway, recording each entry and posting over at my podcast account: Blogtastic.PodBean.Com.

If the demand justifies it, I'll continue.

Let me know what you think. I think it's redolent of
Dr. Octopus' Roller Derby of the Mind.

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